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Dani Satué Lantarón aka DieSeL
is a Software and Sound engineer who loves experimenting with sound.

This is my personal website. Briefly about me, I could say I love travelling, wild life, number 33, blue and orange colors...
But what I like here is sound and modern music, and doing any experiments related with them. Actually I like pretty much working with sound as raw material: I use field recordings, computer programming or sequencing, and digital sound processing to do experimental music, live performances or multimedia projects. If you wish to learn more about that, you can visit the 'Me' section.

I work on this site when I have some spare time. As of now you can see latest additions and main projects from this home page. Please join me by registering and then log in to download sounds, music sets, post comments and much more.
Use the Menu tab on top of page to navigate too.

Please don't use Internet Explorer... (nor any Microsoft software :P)

And thanks for coming! I hope you like the contents you'll see around here.

Enjoy          d-_-b

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