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Electronic music brings me closer to Future, which is in a way something I reckon I'm passionate about.
Actually I consider electronic music to be the 'OST' -original soundtrack- of the future.
This might have come to me from some influencing movie like Blade Runner and its Vangelis vibes... The fact is this music brings joy to me and enhances my soul, bringing me up at any circumstances.

As a music performer I have some evolution thru different styles (see the 'Me' section). But the style I most enjoy to play for people as Dj is deep, subtle techno. Techno can create some power inside me that I couldn't describe. However, a big part of my creativity goes thru Experimental music, i.e., experiments with sound landscapes and atmospheres, both synthetic -computer/machine created and processed- and concrete -recorded from my environment-.

Both styles, plus many more, can be found within the next sets. Also, there are rehearsals, i.e., home sets that were not made 'seriously' but still might be interesting.

Feel free to listen to them and download a MP3 High Quality file (320Kbps) when liking...

Enjoy          d-_-b

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